When You Were Me

A 53-year-old millionaire regrets the youth he wasted on business; a 26-year-old circuit boy dreads the future he's sabotaged by partying. The solution? … Switch places! But while swapping bodies is easy, swapping lives proves more problematic.

"Powerful and

Bitch In A Bonnet

Robert, in guerilla-lit-crit mode, blogs the collected works of Jane Austen with the aim of reclaiming her from "the stiffs, the snobs, the simps and the saps," and establishing her as a satirist on the level of Swift, Twain and Mencken.

Glad, Gladder, Gladys

Gladys Addison is a woman utterly without initiative, ambition, or much of anything else beyond simple sentience. She's been the ruin of one therapist… will her new one have any better luck? An original novella written especially for USA Today's "Open Book" webpage.


Robert is a member of the Gentlemen's Auxiliary of this highly acclaimed ensemble of Chicago monologuists and spokenword performers (comprising Diana Slickman, Susan Karp, Stephanie Shaw, Rachel Claff, Edward Thomas-Herrera and David Kodeski). Check out their website for their upcoming productions; with or without Robert, they're emphatically worth seeing.