A new series of novels inspired by the films of Alfred Hitcock, incorporating mystery, menace, murder, and mordant wit.


Robert's follow-up to The Sugarman Bootlegs once again finds him mixing lethal social satire and nail-biting suspense, in the classic Alfred Hitchcock tradition. When financial collapse hits Marcus Hyde — a fussy, high-end art dealer — he's forced to move in with his pregnant sister, Pamela. But worse is in store when Pamela's baby is born: a shrieking, scarlet lump of sheer malevolence. And when terrible, deadly things start happening, Marcus alone knows why — and decides that Baby must go. A wry, wicked tale of psycological (and biological) horror, Baby is a postmillenial mash-up of Rosemary's Baby and Psycho. (Also available as a trade paperback.)



At long last, Robert's seminal novels from the 1990s and early 2000s are coming back, this time as digital e-books! Beginning in Summer 2011 with Fag Hag—a cult sensation on its initial release in 1992—a new Robert Rodi Essentials title will be released every few months, in the order in which they were originally published. Look for them on Amazon (for Kindle) and Barnes & Noble (for Nook). They're also available as traditional trade paperbacks.

Fag Hag


Drag Queen


Closet Case


What They Did to
Princess Paragon



 The Sugarman Bootlegs

When two friends discover old video footage of an unknown saloon singer, they try to pass it off as bootlegs of a long-lost cabaret legend. But their prank backfires when the viral sensation takes on a vivid—and lethal—life of its own…and as its fame increases, so does the body count. Scaldingly funny, brutally unsentimental, nerve-shreddingly suspenseful—and featuring a mid-story switcheroo on par with Hitchcock's PsychoThe Sugarman Bootlegs reads like the bastard child of All About Eve and Frankenstein. It's a highly addictive crosscultural mash-up as only Robert Rodi could do it. (Also available as a trade paperback.)

Kept Boy


Bitch Goddess


 Bitch In a Bonnet

Robert launches a broadside against the depiction of Jane Austen as "a woman's writer...quaint and darling, doe-eyed and demure...the inventor and mother goddess of 'chick lit." Instead he sees her as "a sly subversive, a clear-eyed social Darwinist, and the most unsparing satirist of her century." In these volumes, he combs through the first novels in Austen's canon with the aim of charting her growth as both a novelist and a humorist, and of shattering the notion that she's a romantic of any kind.

Volume 1 - Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park

Volume 2 - Emma, Northanger Abbey, Persuasion